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Life Afterlife with Sandie Byrne (Ep 4)

In this live show we will discuss why people seek out mediums to connect with their loved ones.


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Difference between a psychic and a medium (Ep 3)

In this episode I try to describe the difference between the readings you can get from a psychic and a medium - I also did a few readings for people listening live.

The 7 Clairs of Mediumship (Ep2)

In this episode we discuss the different ways that Spirit can communicate with us from the afterlife. This is important information to help you to choose the medium that is right for you.

Meet Sandie, Irish Psychic Medium (Ep1)

Meet Irish Psychic Medium Sandie Byrne, voted Irish Medium of the year 2020/21. Learn about the history of generations of her family being psychic and mediumistic. Ask her anything!

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